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To communicate in social media: +989334660041

Central Office: E6 Unit, 6th Floor, Hormehr Commercial and Administrative Complex, 111 St., Mehrshahr, Karaj, Alborz province

Special Tie line: +982633178


Special Tie line: +982633178


Consulting, investment and participation in mining and related industries
Consultation, design, implementation, installation and operation and maintenance of industrial and mining machinery
Consultation, investment and participation in mining affairs, exploration and extraction, buying and selling of mines and minerals
Consulting and solutions for mineral processing, participation in the mineralogy process and the method according to the mineral structure, physical-chemical concentration of the element, production and extraction of all kinds of anode and cathode ingots (precious metals).
Preparation and production of all kinds of non-ferrous and precious metal ingots, recycling from metal scrap and waste
: ATI SANAT Laboratory and Research Center of Metallurgy and Minerals

Special Tie line: +982633178


E6 unit, 6floor, Hoormehr commercial and administrative complex,111st, Mehrshahr, karaj, Alborz Province

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CEO's speech

   Throughout history, will, creativity and effort have been the basis of human development and progress, and in this way, societies and people are more successful who have more flexibility in the face of environmental changes and consider facing and solving challenges as part of their business. ATI SANAT Mining Group and Factories, with the help of Almighty God and the collective efforts of its managers, experts and elite personnel, with the support of more than 25 years of experience and direct activity in the mining industry, with the slogan “We can” develop its activities in all fields. related to mines, including the design and construction of industrial and mineral machinery and equipment from extraction to product production and exploration and exploitation of mines, processing and extraction of minerals, and research.

   With respect to all artisans, activists and enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, investors and researchers of mining and related industries, ATI SANAT mining and factories group makes its best efforts to be with them as a reliable friend and advisor in all stages of their activities and perform their duties. My belief as the managing director of this group is that it is necessary to achieve excellent quality in providing all the services of this group, having experience, high scientific ability, and most importantly having good morals and a sense of responsibility. Therefore, I and my colleagues are always open to the opinions and requests of dear activists and interested parties so that we can provide the best service by having complete and comprehensive information about their requests. Undoubtedly, relying on the Almighty God and the trust of our respected and valuable companions, as well as with the support of experienced and expert staff, we will use all our efforts to be the flag bearer of innovation and prosperity in this industry as in the past and provide worthy services.


Davoud Asghari Badie